Hae Chung - Founder and CEO

“Good health practises whether physical or mental improves an individual’s quality of life. However, for this to happen education is the key and finance is no different. As a child of non-English speaking migrants, I’ve been witness to the consequences of a lack of meaningful financial literacy and the hugely detrimental impacts it can have on individuals and their families”.

Brainybucks Consulting it the perfect vehicle through which Hae can utilise her unique skillset developed through experience in both education and corporate training as well as financial planning. Her experience as the founder and director of Financial Planning at Changewright Financial Services saw her championing a client first strategy, with experience in Investment strategy, superannuation, SMSF/trusts, estate planning and insurance, among others.  She also boasts experience in the education sector as the assistant director of studies at Study Group, the world’s leading provider of international education. Hae is perfectly positioned to design, develop and deliver meaningful financial education and achieve the Brainybucks Consulting mission.